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Learn how our “champions” have made HIV testing standard care.

Mikaela Anderson, PA

North Shore University Hospital ED

Routine HIV testing in NYS emergency departments is an extremely valuable opportunity for early diagnosis in patients who are unaware of their HIV positive status. If we miss the chance to identify these patients in the ED, many will not be diagnosed until they have already progressed to symptomatic AIDS.

Dr. Codrin Nemes, MD, PhD

Long Island Jewish Forest Hills ED

The Emergency Department gives us the opportunity to care for and interact with patients that may not realize they were at risk of contracting HIV. By finding a little time during our busy ER shifts to discuss and test these patients, we have the privilege to significantly change the rest of their lives and potentially prevent infection of tens of people down the line with only one positive diagnosis.

Serostatus Matters

For more information, listen to these clinical providers on the importance of routine HIV screening and how to integrate routine HIV screening into clinical practice.

Serostatus Matters